Eaglewood Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Executive/Open Board Meeting

March 14, 2011 - Monday

Joy Lutheran Church


President Mark McAllister called the meeting to order at 6:10 p.m.


Board members present:  President Mark McAllister, Vice President of Judicial Jay Dulany, Vice President Steve Hackley and Secretary Susan Spyker

Board member present via phone:  Treasurer Lloyd Pool

Operations Manager:  Doug Maxfield

Administrative Assistant:  Charie McCurtain

Homeowners Present:  1



Charie presented the February 7, 2011 Executive Board meeting minutes for final approval and signature.  The minutes were approved by e-mail on February 24, 2011.  (Attachment A1-3)


Traffic Safety Committee:

Chairman Wayne Rush submitted copies of the final “Eaglewood Traffic Safety Committee Report to the Eaglewood Homeowners’ Association Board of Directors February 25, 2011” (Attachment B1-15) to the Eaglewood Office and Doug distributed the Report to the Board members prior to the meeting.  Wayne was present to answer any questions.  There were questions and discussion to include:

·         Lloyd asked about the methodology for identifying areas for speed studies.  Wayne stated the locations for the speed studies were determined by selecting areas where vehicles have a tendency to gain speed, such as, downhill areas and straight stretches.

·         Jay asked questions regarding the expense of the recommendations.  Wayne stated implementing all of the recommendations would be the ideal situation and understands the Board would need to work with the Long Range Planning Committee for the fiscal planning piece.

·         The effectiveness of solar power signs was discussed, as well as signs that are AC and solar combined.

·         Lloyd made the MOTION:  The Board of Directors accepts the Traffic Safety Committee recommendations for more detailed study.  As soon as the weather permits, Doug will begin using the speed monitoring device to gather information in the locations recommended and as outlined by the Traffic Safety Committee.”  Jay seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

·         The Safety Awareness brochure recommendation was discussed.  It was agreed that the brochure had a lot of merit.  Jay and Sue suggested using the free Department of Transportation brochures as a resource. Doug was directed to draft a Safety Awareness brochure for the April Board meeting.

·         The reduction of the speed limit to 20 mph was discussed.  It was agreed that it would be prudent to implement the other recommendations first and evaluate the results before considering the reduction of the speed limit to 20 mph. However, the possibility of restricting the reduction of the speed limit to 20 mph to the Circles only was also discussed.

·         The designation of a liaison to work with the Anchorage Police Department to establish a regular dialogue and present data in an attempt to gain increased speed enforcement within the subdivision was discussed.  Lloyd made the MOTION:  The Board of Directors appoints Wayne Rush, Traffic Safety Committee Chair, to be the Eaglewood liaison to the Anchorage Police Department with the goal of gaining increased speed enforcement within Eaglewood.”  Jay seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.

·         The Board expressed their appreciation to Wayne and the Committee members for their immense amount of time and effort.






Eaglewood Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Executive/Open Board Meeting – March 14, 2011

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Reports of Officers:


President – Mark McAllister reported the following action was taken via e-mail since the last Board meeting:

·         The February 7, 2011 Executive Board meeting minutes were approved as noted above.

·         The Design Committee Inspector pay rate of $15.00/hour was approved unanimously February 13, 2011 (Attachment C1-5).


Vice President of Design – Steve Hackley reported:

·         There are 2-3 homeowners possibly interested in volunteering for the Design Committee.  They have attended one Design Committee meeting and will need to attend another meeting.  Steve asked what additional information the Board members want to know about each individual, prior to appointment.  Lloyd responded that he would like to know each homeowner’s motivation to serve on the Committee, i.e. their agenda, pet peeve.  Sue asked if checking the individual’s property to assure compliance with the PC&R’s would be a consideration.  Steve stated no that he did not feel that was appropriate.  Steve will draft a few sentences about each potential volunteer at the time he recommends them to the Board.

·         Steve decided that documentation of the Design Committee meetings is needed and has directed Charie to take Design Committee minutes to be circulated to the Committee members.

·         Steve directed Charie to bring the two inspection logs from Mike Golden and the Special Assessment logs to this Board meeting, which she provided.

·         Steve contacted Inspector Mike Golden directly.  Mike is enjoying the job.

·         Steve also contacted Steve Jordan directly and provided Steve Jordan with a list of reports that Steve Hackley feels is needed to perform the job of V.P. of Design.  Steve Jordan plans to have a database prototype for the April Board meeting.


Vice President of Judicial - Jay Dulany reported:


Treasurer – Lloyd Pool reported:


Secretary - Sue Spyker reported:

1.      She emphasized the responsibility of the Board of Directors to review the Budget at least quarterly, as she previously stated a few months ago. At a minimum, she recommends a review of the Budget to Actual, an Analysis of Expenses for cost controls (a good example is Lloyd’s analysis of snow plowing expense which brought several issues to light) Month-to-Month and Year-to-Year.  She stated she has never served on a Board that didn’t receive Financials on at least a quarterly basis and feels this is in conflict with the Board’s fiduciary responsibility.

2.      She strongly recommended that Board discussions occur at the meetings and not via e-mail.  E-mail does not provide the same value as face-to-face discussions.  It does not allow for a comprehensive discussion which could result in premature or less than desired decisions. Email etiquette states e-mails will be limited to concise bullet-type information, not long and lengthy.

·         Lloyd made the MOTION:  “The Board of Directors will review the Budget to Actual, 1st Quarter 2011, at the May 2011 Board meeting.”  Lloyd will provide the information.  Sue seconded the motion.  The motion passed unanimously.






Eaglewood Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Executive/Open Board Meeting – March 14, 2011

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Operations Manager Report: 

·         Doug presented his written report dated March 14, 2011.  A corrected copy is attached.  (Attachment F1-3)

·         Jay inquired about the Montague-Eagle River Loop entrance being closed to incoming traffic this past week.  Vehicles were being turned away at the entrance.  He suggested that the Contractor use a flag man to maintain two-way traffic at the entrance.

·         Steve stated it appears the pothole repair on Montague Drive at the traffic light is lower than the road surface.  Doug will check it and assured the Board that Bill Tucker will make it right, if needed.


Administrative Assistant Report:  Charie reported:


Reports of Committees:

·         Traffic Safety Committee – see above.


Unfinished Business:





Eaglewood Homeowners’ Association, Inc.

Executive/Open Board Meeting – March 14, 2011

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Unfinished Business (continued from previous page):


New Business:


Homeowner Comments:  1 homeowner was present

·         A new homeowner, who was previously an Eaglewood renter, stated from his experience of receiving a RV violation notice (a copy sent to Resident) that he wondered perhaps some renters/tenants were not being well informed of the Rules by the homeowner.  It was explained to him that it is the homeowners’ responsibility to inform the renter of the PC&R’s.  The Association does not know if a home is rented unless the homeowner informs the office.   He said he understood and appreciated the courtesy notification as a tenant.

·         Steve stated the January 2011 minutes were not posted on the website yet.  Charie will follow-up with Steve Jordan, webmaster.


Jay made the motion to adjourn.  Sue seconded it.  There being no objection, the meeting was adjourned at 8:25 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,



Susan Spyker, Secretary












Post Meeting Notes:

There are errors in the Operations Manager Report, dated 3/14/11 and the Cash & Investment Status Report dated March 11, 2011.  Doug Maxfield, Operations Manager, will make the corrections to both reports and present corrected reports to the Board at the next meeting on April 4, 2011.